Captivating Digital Video Campaigns

Video can play a vital role in building a brand and getting noticed. Caliper Marketing utilizes the latest video advertising platforms to maximize awareness, engage with your target audience and fuel those conversion driving tactics that matter to your bottom line.

Online Video Advertising Services

Platform Setup & Management

Audience Analysis & Planning

Video Content Consulting

Publisher Inventory Selection

Rate Negotiations

Campaign Development

Campaign Management

Advanced A/B Testing

Daily Optimizations

Landing Page Development

Tracking & Analytics

Custom Reporting

Our Digital Video Advertising Approach

At Caliper Marketing, our goal with digital video campaigns isn't just to make a splash and drive awareness, it's to drive measurable results for your business. We leverage video as a part of a cross-channel holistic strategy to capture engaged users through digital video that can then be converted through "closer" tactics.


We first spend time understanding your target audience. These insights will tell us what they're watching, when, where, and on which platforms. We can then select the right supply sources that offer the right mix of premium vs. select inventory, desktop vs. mobile, television vs. online, and passive vs. interactive ad placements. We then negotiate rates, upload your video assets, and begin the process of ongoing optimizations.


And, more often than not, we develop custom landing pages that allow us to track these users throughout their journey, provide the most relevant content, and convert these visitors into leads or sales.


Our online reporting dashboards can be accessed at any time, track every aspect of your digital video campaign, and provide absolute transparency into where your ad budget is being spent.


Don't be shy. There are no salesmen here - just a group of digital marketing geeks ready to help out any way we can.


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