Maximizing ROI Through Actionable Insights

At Caliper Marketing we believe that digital marketing reports should be real-time, transparent, and provide the "whys" behind the numbers. We build our reports specifically so you understand where your marketing dollars are being spent, what is working, what is not, and exactly what you're getting in return.

Reporting and Analytics Services

Real-Time Reporting

Data Visualization

Website Tracking

Attribution Modeling

Tagging & Tracking

Ad Hoc Analysis

Platform Integrations

Measurement Strategy

Media Mix Modeling

Budget Analysis

A/B Test Design & Reporting

Path-To-Purchase Analysis

Our Analytics and Reporting Approach

With all of the data available today, it's no longer enough to just answer what happened. Our role is to uncover the "whys" behind the data so we can ensure dollars are being invested strategically and efficiently.


At the core of every campaign is a measurement strategy that ensures we're aligned on objectives, we've defined program success, and we can accurately track everything. Only after we know what success looks like and how it will be measured do we begin developing the cross-channel strategy and putting all of the pieces in place.


Once we're up and running, we provide an online dashboard for easy access. We aggregate data from multiple sources to create an all-in-one view of holistic performance and trending. And, whenever possible, data is updated automatically on a daily basis for the most up-to-date results.


While the data may update automatically, the insights, learnings, and recommendations are very much a manual process. We spend the majority of our time investigating and analyzing to determine the absolute best optimizations that will maximize your return on investment.


Don't be shy. There are no salesmen here - just a group of digital marketing geeks ready to help out any way we can.


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