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Precision-built digital marketing starts here.

Let's Do This Differently.

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At Caliper Marketing, we're on a mission to blow up the way digital marketing campaigns are built and managed.

Gone are the days of bloated "full-service" agency teams, overly-complex plans, long timelines, and a questionable results.


Our agile team of experts takes the time to get to know you and your business. We ask a ton of questions before serving a single ad impression to ensure our plan will produce the greatest bang for your buck.

The advertising plan we deliver is custom-built around your unique needs, customers, location, and goals. Most importantly, our plans are strategically developed to grow with you and adjust based on performance. There is no "set it and forget it" or cookie cutter templates around here. 

This may sound like it takes a long time, right? Wrong. Our processes streamline much of the onboarding and planning so that we can work efficiently and get right to delivering results.

Those results are reported beautifully in an online reporting dashboard that is updated daily. This is your campaign and therefore these are your metrics. Nothing is hidden. And, our always-on reporting cycle keeps you up-to-date as things happen as opposed to waiting for a monthly or even quarterly meeting.






We take these seriously. You'll see right from our first interaction that we stand by these tenets.

We're an open book in every way. We trust our employees and clients, and expect it in return. We're committed to helping you achieve your goals. We'll be honest, even if it means having a difficult discussion. And, we're just as passionate about our client's businesses as we are about ours.

  • 1. We work with brands we believe in and would spend our own dollars with.
    It's dishonest for a marketer to urge consumers to buy a product he would not buy for himself.
  • 2. We are not for everyone and we won't pretend to be.
    Be wary of agencies who take any business that walks in the door.
  • 3. We only accept new business we think we can improve upon.
    If you or your current agency is doing well, we will tell you. It's only right.
  • 4. We won't settle for "good enough" or half-baked plans."
    Done incorrectly, digital marketing can hurt more than it helps.
  • 5. We never accept business from competing brands.
    If we're already working with a direct local competitor we will wish you the best of luck and stay connected should things change.
  • 6. We prioritize strong relationships over all else when accepting new business.
    Trust, communication, and understanding are paramount. Building this relationship from day one will set the foundation for a successful partnership.

Our services.

Paid Search Ads



Paid Social Ads










Display & Native Ads


Verizon Media



Video Ads



Local Ads

Google Maps


Reporting & Analysis

Online dashboard

24/7 access

Daily updates


Landing Page Design & Dev

Conversion Rate Optimization

Tagging & Tracking

Microsite Design & Dev


Ad Design

Ad Copy

Ad Personalization

Addressable Geofencing

Weather Triggering & Targeting

Event-Based Triggering

Dynamic Text/Keyword Insertion

Digital Marketing Agency Black Workspace

Digital Opportunity Assessment

Your results-driven campaign starts here.

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