Going Beyond The Banner Ad

Even the best campaigns will fall flat if the ad creative isn't hitting the mark. At Caliper Marketing we take a performance-driven approach to test, optimize, and evolve your ad creative towards what is most effectively and efficiently converting clicks into customers.

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Our Ad Creative and Design Approach

At Caliper Marketing, we handle all of our ad creative in-house, from graphic design and messaging to strategy and optimizations. This allows us to quickly and effectively produce the most relevant creative and messaging to maximize return on investment.


Of course, we're always happy to work with your design team as well, but we find the greatest results when our team is able to adjust and optimize on the fly. Results can shift quickly, consumer behaviors change with the season, and your ads must be equally as dynamic.


We're true believers in A/B testing everything related to ad creative and continually iterating on what works best, finding what doesn't click, and going where the results take us. The end result is a data-driven approach to ad creative and landing page design that is constantly evolving with your customers to provide the most relevant content that delivers business results.


Our online reporting dashboards, which are updated daily, provide a transparent readout of what creative is working and what is not so you never have to wonder about your paid digital ads again.


Don't be shy. There are no salesmen here - just a group of digital marketing geeks ready to help out any way we can.


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Caliper Marketing is a locally-owned digital marketing agency fueled by the fresh air of
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