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Precision-built digital marketing.

Let's Do This Differently.

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Caliper Marketing was founded after many years of working in frustration in the industry we love. The frustration that most marketing agencies bait and switch, nickel and dime, hide their fees, manipulate the numbers, overpromise and underdeliver.

We knew there had to be a better, more honest, way to run an agency. A marketing agency that isn't a perfect fit for everyone, chooses clients they admire, and isn't afraid to be completely transparent.
An agency that puts the end customer above all else. Because when they're happy, we all win.






So, we started thinking - "What if an agency promised exactly that?" Full transparency, trust, commitment, honesty, and a sincere passion for your brand. And, if they couldn't deliver on those promises or were asked to do something they didn't specialize in they were courageous enough to wish you the best of luck with an agency that would be a better fit. Would it work? Are we crazy?

Well, here we are. This is the foundation upon which we built Caliper Marketing. We're passionate about our clients, honest at all costs, wear our hearts on our sleeves, and will never settle for "good enough". Ready to make this happen?

  • 1. We work with brands we believe in and would spend our own dollars with.
    It's dishonest for a marketer to urge consumers to buy a product he would not buy for himself.
  • 2. We are not for everyone and we won't pretend to be.
    Be wary of agencies who take any business that walks in the door.
  • 3. We only accept new business we think we can improve upon.
    If you or your current agency is doing well, we will tell you. It's only right.
  • 4. We won't settle for "good enough" or half-baked plans."
    Done incorrectly, digital marketing can hurt more than it helps.
  • 5. We never accept business from competing brands.
    If we're already working with a direct local competitor we will wish you the best of luck and stay connected should things change.
  • 6. We prioritize strong relationships over all else when accepting new business.
    Trust, communication, and understanding are paramount. Building this relationship from day one will set the foundation for a successful partnership.

Full service is full of bologna.

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Most advertising agencies claim to be experts at everything. We can tell you firsthand - they're not. Neither are we.

You won't find a "full service" or a "one-stop-shop" agency with us. It's not something we believe in.  What's the saying? Jack of all trades, master of none? That sounds about right.


Instead, we focus our talents and provide expert service in paid search, social ads, display ads, video ads, local ads, ad creative, landing page design, conversion rate optimization, analytics, reporting and advertising insights. That's it. We keep it simple.


When extra help is needed we work with those who are experts in their fields, such as email marketing, search engine optimization, branding, web development, traditional marketing, video production and app development.

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